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Spectronic Insights

Spectronic Insights is a subdivision within Spectronic Medical AB, focusing on data analysis technology and machine vision.

Spectronic Medical AB is located in Helsingborg in southern Sweden and is specialized on the development of advanced data analysis products using machine learning and deep neural networks. The line of products include both medical and non-medical device products.

Spectronic Medical is well known in the field of radiotherapy for its AI based products to enable MRI only planning for treatment of tumor diseases. The products are in clinical use at many hospitals around the world and have been used for successful cancer treatment of several hundreds of patients.

Spectronic history

Spectronic AB and its subsidiaries are well-established companies in Helsingborg that has been active since the mid-1970s.

Over the past decade, subsidiary Spectronic Medical AB has established itself as an international player in the field of medical technology, focusing primarily on medical imaging and AI-based analysis methods. A priority area for the company is radiation treatment of tumor diseases, where the company develops and markets both hardware and AI-based software that increases the precision in the treatment of complicated cancer tumors.

Prior to that, the mother company Spectronic AB was well known for its technology in telecommunications and mobile telephony. The company developed and manufactured a number of mobile phone models, both under its own brand and also as OEM products for major players such as Siemens and Philips. During this period, Spectronic made many innovations that still characterize mobile Internet use, including the introduction of the mobile camera in 1999 and the ability to send text messages between mobile phones in 1992.


Over the years, Spectronic and its subsidiaries has been awarded a large number of prizes for its innovations, including the Polhem Prize in 1991, the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences gold medal in 1995 and the appointment as one of Sweden's 33 most promising technology companies in both 2017 and 2018.

Spectronic has also been appointed the Export Enterprise of the Year and the Electronic Enterprise of the Year in Sweden.
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Spectronic Medical was awarded as one of Sweden's 33 most promising technology companies both in 2017 and 2018

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Spectronic's previous line of mobile phones

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The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences gold medal awarded to Spectronic founder Per Siversson

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