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Privacy by design!

The ability to track epidemic trends is a crucial tool for disease spread management. In order to enable such trend tracking in public environments, the Spectronic Epitrend is designed from ground up to assure that the fundamental privacy rights of every registered individual are always secured.

A key design concept of the Spectronic Epitrend is that the device shall never provide any information that can somehow be used to identify or discriminate any individual person. Instead, the output from the device consists of high quality statistics, that provides valuable insights into the epidemic trends of a population.

When operating the Spectronic Epitrend in full privacy mode, there are no methods at all for any person or system to directly access or visualize any sensor information. All processing is strictly confined within the device and no personal information is ever stored. Only pure and anonymous statistics will come out.

While this approach to protect personal integrity may sound extreme, this is what we believe is required in order for epidemic trend tracking to gain wide spread common acceptance and help the world with making informed decisions in complex pandemic times.

Scanning technology

A thermal sensor, a visual sensor, an AI detector and a secure communications module - all integrated in the Spectronic Epitrend device.


The AI detector utilizes special purpose deep learning technology to locate persons in the visual sensor image and output the coordinates from where thermal information should be collected. Thermal data is then extracted from the specified coordinates by the thermal sensor and aggregated into anonymous statistics which are uploaded to an external server using any existing WiFi network.

The raw data streams from the sensors are processed in real time within the physical Epitrend unit, after which the raw data is immediately discarded. No raw data is ever stored, and no person will ever have access to it. The only persistently stored information are frequency histograms, showing the proportion of passers by having temperatures within specific intervals. In the event that the number of passers-by is very low, the device will automatically extend its acquisition interval to assure that the generated statistics can never be linked to a specific individual.

The device is protected by multiple layers of cybersecurity measures, implemented both in hardware and in software. All communications are secure and protected by the latest and most complex encryption keys.

Statistics for decisions

The Spectronic Epitrend outputs fully anonymous statistics that can easily be visualized using the Epitrend web portal. The portal allows both histogram evaluation as well as trend analysis of measured population temperatures over any given time. It can also aggregate the statistics from multiple Epitrend devices that belong to the same customer. Each customer has full control of who has access to their statistics.

The generated statistics do not constitute personal data as defined by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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