What are the possibilities to control and prevent spread of COVID-19?

Spectronic Epitrend

For many infectious diseases, elevated body temperature is one of the most commonly occurring symptoms. Spectronic Epitrend is the only privacy safe technology to measure the percentage of a population experiencing elevated temperatures and how this percentage varies over time. Spectronic Epitrend can be installed in pubilc environments and provides insights for implementation of efficient disease control measures.


The Spectronic Epitrend automatically estimates the body temperature distribution of any stream of people without any type of intervention.


The device can be installed at any location where many people passes by and it can use any available WiFi network to transmit the generated statistics.


All processing takes place within the device and the output consist of pure statistics, that can in no way be used to identify or track a specific individual.

100% privacy by design

The Spectronic Epitrend only outputs fully anonymous statistics. The device will never output or save any information that can be used to identify any individual person. Extraordinary technical measures have been taken to ensure that no personal information can be extracted from the device, not even by service personell.

Scan any stream of people

The Spectronic Epitrend can be installed in the roof or on a wall at any indoors location where streams of people pass by. Its internal AI based analysis software is capable to scanning very large throughuput volumes and is robust to any surrounding indoor environment.

Use in public areas

The Spectronic Epittrend is designed to be installed in locations such as train stations, airports, shopping centers, office buildings, nursing homes and other places where is it of relevance to catch the early signs of an epidemic. Thanks to its privacy centric design, the Spectronic Epitrend is particularly suitable to install in locations where personal integrity is of primary concern.

Statistics for desicions

The Spectronic Epitrend provides policy makers with sought for information, which helps them in making informed decisions that can be backed and motivated by solid data also in a time of crisis. The Spectronic Epitrend helps decide on proper actions to assure a functional society while still minimizing the risk of disease spread.

Cutting edge AI

The Spectronic Epitrack uses cutting edge AI technology in combination with a well calibrated thermal scanner to perform its analysis. The device captures the facial temperatures of the entitre stream of people at once, thereby making it impossible to extract any information that can be used to identify an individual person.

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